Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Meijer Deals~Sept 18-24

Have you tried out Mperks yet (you need a cell phone)?  Here's a couple deals using mperks:

*Campfire Marshmallows (these suckers are huge!)-They are on sale for $1 and there is $1/1 mperks coupon=free!

*Bolthouse 3 lb carrots- $2.49-$1/1 mperks = $1.49

*Cantaloupe-99 cents each

*Meijer brand cheese- Buy 3, get $1 OYNO of cheese.  Buy 4, get $2 OYNO of cheese.  Buy 5, get $3 OYNO of cheese.  Not sure if its a great deal, but we needed cheese this week.

Note on Mperks:  It is really easy to use.  Just hit the 'Mperks' button on the bottom of the screen when you are done scanning your groceries and type in your cell number with the pin and the pertinent coupons will automatically come off.  And every few weeks a coupon for $2 off or $5 off will show up in your account.  Plus when I joined, new members had a $5 off in their account.  The only catch about mperks is that you can only use it on one item.  But you can stack them with other coupons so sometimes you can get a great deal.  

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