Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Winning at Walgreens

Total OOP was $7.97 and I have $3 RR

This was not my greatest Walgreen's trip because I was trying to hurry (Chris and kids were waiting in the van) and I tried a Crest deal spur of the moment which didn't totally pan out. But the Expo markers were totally free with coupons and the Stayfree was Buy 1/Get one free and I had a Buy 1/Get one free coupon! Didn't get them completely free since the coupon value was only $4.49, but I only paid about $2.50 for them so that's a great deal. The RR did not print for the Pert Plus. I'm not sure why. Maybe I didn't get the right kind? Oh and I could have gone without the candy. I threw it in thinking I needed another item so I could use my RR.

I've learned two things since getting into the Walgreen's game:
1. Stock up only on what you need. Another reason today's trip wasn't the greatest was that I did not need toothpaste or shampoo but I thought I would be getting more RRs. Note to self: Double check to make sure you have the right products.
2. Don't stress about getting every deal. I'm still learning this one. :-)

Need help figuring out how to shop at Walgreen's? Go to savingaddiction.com.

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