Monday, May 23, 2011

What's Cookin'

So I was digging through my fridge's freezer yesterday looking for some frozen baked beans and realized I have a lot of odds and ends in there! So I will attempt to use them up in this week's menu.

Mon~Green chile enchiladas, green rice casserole (both from my freezer cooking), and salad
Tues~Chicken noodle soup, rolls (69 cents at Aunt Millie's bakery outlet!)
Wed~Church potluck, probably bringing Spaghetti Pie
Thurs~Pork barbecue, oven fries, veggies
Fri~Steak, baked potatoes in the crockpot, green beans
Sat~Brown rice cassserole, carrots
Sun~Something from the freezer, either Chili Verde or Oriental Chicken over rice

I totally fell off the wagon last week and caved to sweets. So instead of giving up, I'm starting over again and trying to make it two weeks. I lasted one week the first time.

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  1. You got the wrong approach. Don't go 100 percent off sweets. Be moderate and take up some exercise. Great rewards will be forthcoming should you do so!


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