Friday, May 27, 2011

Track and Field 2011

May 18 was the 2011 homeschool track and field day. The weather was not as nice as last year, but the boys were super excited, especially since they both had new running shoes.

Noah was a year older and participated in all the events. Here he is running the 50 yard dash. Looks like he didn't place last.

2 third place ribbons, the long jump and the tennis ball throw.

Andrew running the 50 yard dash. Go here to see how he does.

Anxiously awaiting the results. He chattered to his coach nonstop.

The results are in! 2 third place finishes, tennis ball throw and long jump, just like Noah.

Next year Joel will be participating too. Fun!


  1. good job Andrew and Noah! so fun that you got to take some ribbons home. I like how Andrew just saunters through the finish pressure. Good attitude Andrew!

  2. His father wasn't too impressed. :-)


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