Saturday, April 09, 2011

Better Way Imports

I recently attended a home party for Better Way Imports and was blown away by the information I heard. BWI is a company that sells products made by women previously entrapped in the sex industry. From their website:

The company vision is to provide a better way of helping people. By supporting meaningful jobs, Better Way Imports seeks to encourage not only a permanent way out of poverty and oppression with dignity, but also provide an opportunity for hope, for a life which people in impoverished situations could never have imagined they would be able to have.

Their mission:

Better Way Imports seeks to improve the livelihood of many individuals through marketing in North American the unique gift and accessory items, and durable goods produced by companies with similar Vision in developing countries.

I plan to have Susie Finkbeiner come to my home and share more information, how we can help, and explain how there is hope for these women. If you are interested, please join us on April 26, 7 PM at my house.

Susie's words:

Today, right now, there are approximately 27 Million slaves in the world. 70% of them are trapped in sexual slavery! Join us to be a voice for those forced into silence!

Learn the stories of women around the world who have been trafficked. Also, hear how they are being rescued and given the chance to live in freedom!

**please understand, the presentation is of a graphic subject matter. It is inappropriate for children. Thank you for understanding**

Check out our website at
or contact Susie via email
Or find me on Facebook...

Susie Finkbeiner ~ Better Way Imports

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