Thursday, July 01, 2010

Taking the plunge

I did it. I dumpster dove.
Ok, it was technically a dumpster, but there was only paper in it, no garbage.
I was looking for coupon inserts from the Sunday press and I scored! Right on the top.
But my husband threatened to leave the parking lot if I actually got in the dumpster so I had to browse from outside. :-)


  1. WHERE!?!? Cindy

  2. Just ask grandma to save her paper.

  3. It was mighty cute. You shoulda seen it. she was looking both ways to make sure noone was watching. too bad I didn't have my vid camera.


  4. Chris, your wife ROCKS! :)
    I can just see it... but I'm pretty sure I'd be to proud to do that ;) lol

  5. Cindy, at school and at Chris's work.
    Aunt Marlene, great idea! I will talk to her when I see her Wed.
    Lisa, I don't know if I would actually dare get in the dumpster. :-) And I was kind of proud too, I wouldn't do it if anyone was watching.


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