Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Cheapest Diapers Ever

$1.68 for a 42 count package of size 2 Pampers Baby Dry.

I had a code for Medco Health store online for $10 off any purchase. Shipping was only 99 cents. And today I had a package of diapers delivered to my front door!


  1. I'm not sure how I came to your blog (probably just by following one blog to another and to another! Your profile caught my eye. I too am wife to 1 and mother to 4 boys who we're raising in the fear of His Name.

    Great deal on diapers! I had it one time that the price advertised by the diapers was wrong, so I got $10 off the package, then I had a $2 coupon. The diapers were $11.99, so I was actually paid $0.01 for buying the diapers!

    I'm enjoying your blog - especially your meal plans. I need to get back into doing that - it's so easy when I do! Check out the Facebook groups 'Recipes' and 'Meal Planning'.

    Linda Tenhage, Grimsby, ON

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