Monday, March 01, 2010

What's Cookin'

Mon~Garlic chicken, stuffing, carrots and broccoli
Tues~Chicken pot pie (didn't get to this last week), applesauce
Wed~Barbecue meatballs for church potluck
Thurs~Chicken parmesan, cauliflower
Fri~Pea soup, whole wheat bread
Sat~Chicken fajitas in the magic pot
Sun~Meatball soup, homemade buns, jello


  1. My! You guys must eat like kings. Say, how are you liking your magic pot? I did the whole chicken the other day with lime in and under the skin. Smelled fab while cooking. Tasted good, too. What recipes are you making with it?

  2. Sometimes the meal plans are grand dreams. :-) Last week I think only 4 of the 7 meals were made.
    I haven't used my magic pot much. Need to get the hang of it. I've only made that potato chowder (which did not turn out too good) and chicken fajitas which were good. I still have to try the whole chicken.

  3. Well Chris is still turning into a porker. He may have to vacate his upstairs office if he gets too heavy. Ground floor might be best for him (and his employer).


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