Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Pyogenic granuloma

That's what has been on Joel's face for the last three months. But today, hopefully, it is gone for good. I took him to the dermatologist...wait, back up. First, I tried to change his bandage this morning before we left, but when I did that, the whole top of the granuloma came off and I had a gushing bloody mess. He is so sick of us messing with his face and he would not sit still at all. So I got all three kids in the car, held Joel while I drove us down the road to Chris's mom, who got the bleeding to stop enough to put a bandage on. Then Joel and I went to the dermatologist who decided right away to biopsy it and cauterize the bleeding. So, 2 women held his arms and legs, I held his head straight, and the dr numbed his cheek, biopsied the thing and cauterized it. There is a chance of reoccurence, and if that happens, he will have to actually have it cut out of his face. I am hoping the dr got everything so we don't have to deal with this anymore. Now I need to get a huge bottle of hydrogen peroxide and clean up all the bloody clothes lying around.
Seriously, I am very thankful that it was not something more serious, but it was still traumatic for me.


  1. I hope for both your sakes that it doesn't come back. What a trial for you both. Glad grandma was nearby and could help out.

  2. I'm sorry that you had such a stressful day. I hope that the problem is finished. Poor Joel!


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