Monday, September 21, 2009

My baby boy is now 1!

One year ago, Joel Adrian Engelsma was born. And mommy was so happy to have another baby boy!

Some things I love about him...
I love that I love him even though he's my third boy. I wouldn't change him for a girl!
I love the way he opens his eyes really wide and kicks his legs when I put him to bed.
I love how he greets me with a big smile while waving back and forth on his feet when I get him from his nap.
I love how he screeches with joy when he is really happy.

I love how he loves to play with his brothers and how they love him.
I love his long sticky up hair and how it flies in the breeze!

I love how he explores his world and looks for new and interesting things.
I love this boy!


  1. We love him too!
    Happy birthday Joel!!

  2. awww... this is SO sweet Heather!


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