Monday, September 14, 2009

Ludington with 6 little boys!

Last week we went to Ludington with friends from church and had 6 little boys between 3 couples (Joel stayed home with aunts and grandma). We had wonderful weather and such a good time with friends.

5 of the 6 boys. We took them all on a hike~most were carried on the way back!

We biked to the lighthouse, about 3 miles round trip. The weather was so beautiful. The sky was clear and we could see all the boats out on Lake Michigan.

The lighthouse.

Andrew and I climbed to the top (Noah was too short). Here he is on one of the landings. 120 steps to the top!

Mommy and Andrew at the top of the lighthouse.

Levi, Caleb, and Andrew all climbed to the top of the lighthouse.

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  1. Enjoyed seeing these wonderful vacation pictures! Good memories were made.


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