Monday, July 06, 2009

Zoo day

What's more fun than a day at John Ball Zoo?

Mommy and boys

They loved the wooden train more than seeing the animals.

Noah petting a goat.


The bears are far and away the best exhibit. This one just slept, but he did change positions once. The other bear paced the front of the exhibit the whole time.

The only alert monkey, all the others were sleeping.


Petting baby pygmy goats. Very cute!

This one got more looks than the animals. He didn't have a hat on the whole time, and someone asked Chris if we had styled his hair like that on purpose!

Feeding the ducks that had no interest in bread at all. They must be well fed.


  1. We have some very fond memories of taking the kids to John Ball Park. One of my favorites is watching a giraffe being born!! It was way cool.

  2. By the way, that picture of Joel with the hat on - he looks just like Andrew. I did a double take on it.

  3. They don't even have a giraffe anymore.


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