Wednesday, July 22, 2009

CVS Deals

Coming up the week of Aug 2, you can get some great freebies at CVS. Look for more info here.

I'm doing an experiment. I've started buying coupons off ebay and other coupon clipping sites to get these deals. We don't get the coupons in the press, plus for a lot of these deals, you need multiple coupons. So I'm hoping to save money even by buying coupons.

This week I'm trying a deal at Rite Aid that may make me $17. I'll let you know if it works. :-)


  1. I bought 10 electrasol coupons on ebay last week, but meijer only had 4 boxes left so I got a raincheck for the other 6. I'll be stocked for a year!
    I like the giftcard idea -buy one make $5. I never seem to get any good coupons it always spits out baby yogurt coupons lol

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