Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Joel went to an eye specialist last week to make sure that his eyes were healthy.  Yup, eyes look perfectly healthy, he just needs some thick glasses to fix his farsightedness.  Apparently, since he got such a strong prescription at a young age, his eyes had trouble adjusting and he didn't have the right prescription (since its kind of hard to test kids who aren't confident in their letters).  So now he is getting a stronger prescription and we will take him back to the specialist in a few months to see if his eyes are doing better.  If not, the dr will try some patches, etc, to train his eyes.  I'm thankful that his eyes are healthy and that he just needs a little help to see better.

(Pic by Aunt Alice)

Joel has the unique position of being in the exact middle of five boys. I have found that he doesn't always get all the attention he wants lately so I've been trying to do more things with just him.  He does say some pretty funny things to make sure he gets some attention.  He told me yesterday, "I am feeling ill."  I think that had more to do with the fact that it was clean-up time, because when I suggested that he lay down in his bed, he perked right up.  This morning at breakfast he declared that he was going to be the biggest pig ever, which is funny because we joke that he is our "fat" child.  He totally isn't fat, he is just a tad sturdier than all of our other boys.  Luke might push him out of this position.

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