Wednesday, January 01, 2014

A blessed New Year to all of you!

We started 2014 in church and heard an excellent sermon on Psalm 37 on how God will satisfy the desires of your heart when you delight in Him.  After church, we went to the annual Engelsma family potluck.  It was a small group, the potlucking die-hards.  We enjoyed watching a rousing game of Jenga between Chris's Dad and his Uncle Paul.  So funny!  Then we ended the day eating dinner with my family at our home and Andrew opened the last of his birthday gifts (He's 9!  But that's another post.).  And now I am starting tomorrow's chores from my new homemaking calendar (found for free here), because tomorrow's chores involve the master bedroom which is a disaster!  Whew, full but fun day!

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