Thursday, December 19, 2013

VanDen Toorn Christmas

Last Saturday was the annual VanDen Toorn Christmas get-together in the school gym.  The family from Indiana made it too, despite the nasty weather.  

The boys love going to play in the gym.

Cousin Caylee with Luke.

Aunt Shell and Luke (he got passed around a bit!).

Chris with cousin Eric.

Uncle Nate and Aaron.

Uncle Nate holding Luke for about the 4th time since Luke was born.

My dad and Uncle Ben.

Luke and cousin Amy (are we seeing a trend in these pictures??).

Cousin Audrey and Aunt Wanda.

This was hysterically funny.  Chris lifted Joel up to dunk the ball and Joel grabbed onto the edge of the basketball hoop and would not let go.  Even when Chris threatened to leave him hanging, Joel could not let go of the hoop.   Finally, cousin Caylee tickled him and he dropped right down.  Smart girl!

Noah ran around like a crazy boy the whole time.

Cousin Krista has Joel and Aaron enthralled.  

Aaron was pretty interested in the girl toys.  He doesn't see those things too much!

There were plenty of goodies to satisfy Joel's sweet tooth.

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