Monday, December 23, 2013

Guess who loves broccoli??

Hmm, green stuff.  Guess we can try that.

I like it, Mom!  I really do!

Luke totally skipped the pureed baby food stage and plunged whole heartedly into solid food.  He is eating two meals a day now, plus 3-4 bottles.  His favorites are string cheese, banana, bread, gold fish, turkey, and now we can add broccoli and roast beef.  He has started doing a little army crawl to reach things he really wants, like Aunt Aimee's iphone.  At his 9 month appointment today (yes, technically he's about 10 months but we are a little behind around here), he weighed almost 19 lbs and was on the longer end of the spectrum of height.  He's a healthy, growing boy, except in the hair department!

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