Monday, November 04, 2013

10 Challenges from our pastor

Yesterday our pastor preached this sermon on I John 3:14, continuing his series on the marks of a healthy church.  The 10 challenges he gave the congregation are simple things that even our children can be involved in.
Here are Dr. Murray's 10 challenges to show that we love one another:
(Here is the list from Dr. Murray's blog.)

1,  Pray for one family for one month.  Pick one family from the congregation and pray for them this month.
2.  Speak to one different person from the congregation this month.  Pick someone you don't normally speak to.
3.  Encourage one person in the next month.  "I am so thankful to God for you because..."
4.  Carry someone's burden.
5.  Visit one person who you don't normally visit.
6.  Give a gift.  He suggested gift cards for someone who wouldn't normally be able to afford to go out for dinner or a coffee.  I think another great gift would be to offer to babysit someone's children for them or help someone with a project on their home.
7.  Forgive one person.
8.  Welcome one person who is new to the church.
9.  Share a meal with someone.
10.  Submit one  preference.  Some of our preferences have Biblical standing, but some of our preferences are merely personal and these can build barriers to fellowship.

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