Monday, November 12, 2012

Fun at Blandford

The 3 oldest go to Blandford every month for a 2 hr science class, but we've never walked the trails as a family.  This past Saturday was so beautiful (especially for November!), that we decided to take a trip.  I'm so glad we did because the boys had a blast!  We walked for over an hour and a half and Noah wanted to keep going when we were done.

 Is it possible to get a nice picture of 4 children at once?  I'm not sure.  But this definitely shows that they were having a good time!

 A Frog in the woods!

 Andrew took this one.  He did a pretty good job!

 The boys thought this ramp was a trampoline.

 Aaron running out to Daddy.

 Andrew wanted me to take some pics of him so he could pass them out to friends.

 And of course, these two...

 needed their pics taken too!

 Pretty fall school house.

 Noah in the wigwam.

 There were lots of of enemies hiding in the woods.


 Aaron was getting a little tuckered toward the end, but he was a trooper.

4 bumps on a log!

Looking forward to lots more fun family hikes!


  1. Yes, it's pretty much impossible I think to get 4 kids to sit still for a nice picture.... I have problems with 3!
    And I like the picture Andrew took of you & Chris! :)


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