Thursday, November 15, 2012

Aaron and Permanent Marker

I was downstairs looking up different options for Christmas photo cards.  I kind of lost track of time but vaguely remember thinking:  Aaron is being awfully quiet upstairs.  Yup, he was being quiet because he was being naughty!  One of the other boys pushed a chair up to the counter and left it there so Aaron climbed up on the counter to get a paci out of the cupboard.  While he was up there, he must've decided it was time for a snack and hey, why not have art time with PERMANENT marker on the kitchen cabinets?  I panicked for a moment but then grabbed a magic eraser and it came off right away!  He's a sneaky one.  Yesterday I told him not to play with a tin of crayons and found him a few minutes later hiding in a closet with the crayons.


  1. Have you tried a magic eraser to get it off? They take off so much more than I have ever thought. If it was fabric, you could use aerosol hair spray. Bobby did it once on our sofa, and it took it out with some elbow grease. Worked great. Try the eraser on the counter and let me know.

  2. Yup, I did use magic eraser and it all came off! He got some on his sweatshirt so I'm going to try hairspray on that.

  3. Great! I hope the hair spray works too. Glad I could help.


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