Saturday, June 30, 2012

Meijer deals this week

Turned out to be quite the couponing week at Meijer.  Here's a few things:

(for direct links to coupons, check out

Chi Chi's salsa~ 50 cents after coupons
Kikkoman soy sauce~ Free after coupon, mperk, and $2 OYNO when you buy 3
Mott's Apple juice ~About $1.25 for 64 oz after coupon and instant savings (Have you ever had the Mott's for Tots?  Tastes kind of like flavored water.  I think they took a bit too much sugar out.)
Kraft dressing~79 cents each after Facebook coupon

And a few more things I picked up this morning.  I ended up going to Meijer 3x this week, but was able to do it without a lot of impulse items added to the bill.  I got some free soy sauce, Coffeemate for $1.12/bottle (coupon at, and some Magnum ice cream bars (These are delicious!) and Yosicles for about $1.25 after I use the $2 OYNO when I bought the 4 frozen treats.

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