Thursday, March 15, 2012

Two Zoo trips this week!

There are great perks to having a zoo pass and living only 5 minutes from the zoo.  We were able to go twice this week since we've had such gorgeous weather.  I love how each time we go, we something a little different.

On Tuesday, we went with Aunt Shell.  Still cool enough for a jacket but it was a beautiful sunny day.  As you can see, Andrew was helping Aaron to look at the camera.
On this trip, one of the chimps came right up to the window and stuck its face right in front of Joel.  Another chimp was clowning for the camera.  

 I think the bears are absolutely fascinating, but its not often that you see them moving around.  Today they were swimming in their water hole and play fighting!  

Another great perk with our pass is that we can bring two friends for free each time if we want.  Today we brought Aunt Andrea and Jayden. Andrew was our tour guide, announcing which animal was our next destination (He's a little familiar with the zoo!).  And of course, we took the obligatory picture at the penguin statues on the way out.  Oh, and can you believe I got them all looking toward the camera on the first try??

Thanks again to blue Grandma!

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