Friday, February 25, 2011

Random Recent Pics

Aaron is getting so big. He will be 9 months old on Tues. He doesn't sit, doesn't crawl, doesn't roll much, except from his belly to his back, but he is a pretty happy baby. And Joel loves him. Right now Joel is taking pics of him with his toy camera.

These two are either playing very nicely together or at each others throats! They are the closest in age of all 4 boys so it will be interesting to see how they interact together as they grow older. All the boys love books. We have been going to the library every week and checking out stacks of books and they all love to sit and look at the new finds each week. Yesterday Joel got up from his nap and went and took a stack of books back to bed with him to look at. I was surprised to see how long he stayed in bed looking at his books!

This boy's trouble! :-) He is definitely at a very active age. He likes to hang around mommy and is at the age where he likes to test his boundaries. Keeps me hopping but he's definitely a sweetie, especially when he says, "Love you mommy!"

Aaron loves his exersaucer. He spends large portions of time in here, especially because he doesn't sit. He has just started to really like his infant cereal and its so funny to see him open his mouth wide as the spoon comes toward him. We are starting to see his unique personality more and more. I love how when I pick him up, he curls his body in and snuggles into my shoulder. He always has a happy chirp when I get him up from his crib.

Daddy snoozing with the middle two boys.

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