Saturday, November 06, 2010


I extremely dislike being sick. :( Chris is being great taking care of the kids even though he is still recovering from strep, but I know they still need me. Noah keeps crying for me and he's sat by me a little, but we really don't want them to get sick. I feel like I've been run over by a small bus. Hopefully the antibiotics take care of this quickly.
But good news, Andrew learned how to ride a two wheel bike today without training wheels! He rode all the way to grandma and grandpa's and back. And I watched him riding around in the driveway. He was so proud of himself!


  1. Go Andrew!!

    And go antibiotics!! Hope you feel better very, very quickly Heather!!

  2. That is wonderful Andrew! And to get to ride your bike to grandpa and grandma's!! How fun.

    Hope mommy and daddy feel better quickly so they can ride with you. The weather is supposed to be so wonderful this week.

  3. Thanks guys! Feeling much better this morning, definitely on the mend.


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