Saturday, February 13, 2010

Walgreen's Customer Service

I stopped by Walgreen's 3x this week to get some of their Huggies which were on sale with a $3 RR. They were out every time I went in, so the 4th time, I called first and they were still out and I was told they weren't getting any more in this week. So I shot an email to customer service on stating my concern and the next morning the manager of my Walgreen's called me! I totally thought it was a shot in the dark to try and send an email, but he called and apologized and said the clerk was misinformed and that they had Huggies diapers on the shelves now. He even held two packages at the photo counter for me so that I could come pick them up whenever I was ready. Now that's great customer service!

Side note: Do not take husband into store when you are doing multiple transactions with coupons and RRs. He becomes frustrated and embarrassed of his wife. :-) But still happy deep inside that I'm saving him money!

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