Monday, February 01, 2010

Ultrasound and Birthday

No pics, but thought I would give an update. Last week on my birthday I had an ultrasound (I am 21 weeks) and everything looked good! They couldn't see everything so I have to have another one the beginning of March, and also my glucose test. I'm trying to be really good before my glucose test because I do not want to have gestational diabetes again like I did with Noah, but its really difficult! Self-control is definitely something I have to work on. :-)
So, Chris told me he had taken the day off for my birthday and there was a restaurant in Newaygo he wanted to take me to. So after the ultrasound, we drove up to Newaygo. The whole way there, I'm thinking, This had better be a really good restaurant since we're driving so far away! We pulled up to this place called The Shack where there were only like 3 cars in the parking lot. Chris goes in to see where the restaurant was and comes out with a room key! He had surprised me by arranging babysitters and keeping it a total secret from me. I was blown away! It was a great birthday surprise. I would highly recommend going to The Shack. It was very comfy and the bedtime banana splits can't be beat. :-)
I came home to happy kids and a clean house thanks to my sisters-in-law. It was one of my best birthday memories and I am so thankful to Chris for arranging it all and surprising me!


  1. Okay Heather - getting surprised for an overnight with your hubby must've been fantastic. But coming home to a clean house?! Woohoo! Great gift!! :)

  2. What a man! This was so very sweet of him. He is okay in my book.

  3. Are you going to find out what you are having this time? I don't believe you did with the others, but I am getting older and can't remember things. :-)

  4. No, we didn't find out. :-) We enjoy the surprise.


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