Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It came!

This is my newest kitchen gadget, the Pampered Chef deep dish covered baker. I am really excited to start using it. At my PC party last week, my consultant made chicken fajitas in it which were absolutely fabulous! I hope to make those tomorrow. I also hope to make a roast chicken in this in the microwave! I am told it only takes a half hour and the chicken tastes great! We shall see. I've never owned any PC stoneware so I am looking forward to trying new things.
For those of you who ordered PC products at my party, they are coming! I received one carton today and hope to receive the 2nd tomorrow and then I should have everyone's stuff.


  1. the fajitas were really good! enjoy your new 'magic pot' it does seem to making cooking easier. I made fajitas on the stove and it took a tad bit longer than 12 mins. I ordered the bamboo spoons, and the apple corer - I liked the potato wedges idea.

  2. I missed that. What'd she say about potatoes? I have the apple corer, but I've only used it for apples.

  3. she said to cut a potato with the corer (did you see her cut the onions for the fajitas with it too?) and then coat the wedges in oil/spices and bake them. I do that with cubes of potato, but it sounds easier to do it with the corer


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