Thursday, November 19, 2009

100 Free photo cards

Go to to get 100 4x8 photo cards shipped to your house free! Of course, I only got it to work after I paid for mine somewhere else!

Use this code: freebies4mom-1109 to get 50 free cards
Use this code: newbaby to get 50 more free cards

Since there was no way I was going to use 150 photo cards (since I already ordered 50), I made my last 50 generic holiday cards that I will use for thank-yous.

Hurry, because I think these codes expire on Saturday!


  1. This worked for me. I got 50 5x7 Christmas cards with the first code, and 50 4x8 thank-you cards with the second code.... 100 cards for FREE. Thanks, Heather, for the heads up! :) Cindy

  2. Oops, other way around with codes & cards.


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