Saturday, June 06, 2009

Week in pictures

Joe Joe and his spiked hair.

Noah pulling Joel in the wagon.

Stopping for rocks. The child is obsessed with rocks. His seat in the van is full of rocks because he picks one up every time he gets in the car. (The brick wall behind them is the neighbor's retaining wall which is almost finished. It looks super nice on the side of our yard!)

Pic is blurry, but here's Noah trying to push Joel's head up so he doesn't lean down to pick up his rocks.

Noah in the sandbox. He played in here almost all day Saturday while Chris, his brother Nate, and my dad installed most of our chain link fence for the background. We have three sides finished, one more to go.

Andrew and Adrienne...and as I'm typing this, Andrew tells me Adrienne is his girlfriend...and Cady~2 girlfriends!

Simon guarding Joel.

Andrew and his garden in the sandbox~notice his army pants. He really wanted a pair of camo pants and I found a pair for him and Noah at Salvation Army. He's worn them twice already and has had them less than a week.

Joel in the wagon.

Brothers~Andrew requested this photo op.

Our massive tent~we set it up tonight to see how it works and next weekend we will sleep in it for one night while we are at the B and G club campout. The boys can hardly wait! They loved going in the tent. Quite the tent~even has self rolling windows!

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  1. Oh.... that Adrienne & her goofy smiles. It's the latest thing. Nice pictures!


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