Sunday, June 07, 2009

Difficult Decisions Made Easier

This was the title of our sermon this morning, given by Dr. Murray. His focus was on "How to choose friends?" Start with God's word. What does God's word have to say?
1. Be Jesus-centered~Make sure you have the best Friend of all.
2. Show yourself friendly, or you won't have friends.
3. Be careful in choosing friends~evil communications corrupt good manners.
4. Be varied in your friendships. Don't try to be best friends with everyone. For example, Jesus was friends with sinners, closer friends with the 12 disciples, had an inner 3 disciples he was even closer to, and there is evidence that he was even closer to the disciple John.
5. Choose friends that will help you become closer to the Lord and that you can mutually benefit from spiritually.
6. Be character centered~look for friends who are loyal, truthful, moral, and respect authority.
7. Make face to face friendships~Jesus called His disciples to be with Him (remember, we are living in the age of Facebook!)
8. Don't idolize friendships~make sure no friend takes the #1 spot.

The sermon will be available here soon.

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  1. Sounds like you reaped the best out of this one. What a good foundation for choosing friends.


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