Monday, March 02, 2009

What's Cookin'

Mon ~ Sesame Chicken for my sister and I, Spaghetti for Chris and the kids
Tues ~ Pulled Pork on hamburg buns, oven fries, salad
Wed ~ Fellowship night at church-I am bringing Rosemary chicken
Thurs ~ Black Bean Quesadillas and Spanish rice (We will be having something with black beans in it for weeks to come because I cooked two lbs. of black beans in the crockpot last week and I have about 10 cups in the freezer to use! That's ok, black beans are cheap and good for you!)
Fri ~ Soup Supper at PCHS
Sat ~ Cheesy potato soup with ham
Sun ~ Leftovers??

So last week I told you I had 23 bucks left to spend for the month and my bill at Meijer was $22.87! I was so happy that I had actually stayed in budget...then Chris bought some meat at work from a high schooler. Which is fine because now we have lots of chicken tenders for quick meals! So this month I have $200 for groceries so we'll see how I do!


  1. can you tell me what district 1 have to bring wed? I am having no luck with diapers. now my printer won't print the coupons. argh! I am not meant to get a deal on diapers lol thanks for putting the deal on your blog though.

  2. District 1 has to bring a dessert.
    I will bring you some coupons on Wed. I asked a couple of relatives to print them for me so I have a few sets!


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