Friday, February 20, 2009

Diapers are here!

My diapers came in two days!
I ended up getting 214 diapers for about 30 bucks. I would have got 224, but I accidently got Pampers Cruisers instead of Pampers Baby Dry. For some reason there are less in Pampers Cruisers. Anyway, I ended up getting the diapers for about 14 cents a piece. I'm thinking this is a good deal??? Not quite sure, I haven't really researched the best prices. I usually just get what's cheapest when its on sale with a coupon.
Thanks to everyone who ordered diapers and used my referral code!


  1. I tried twice, still trying it doesn't like me! (or my credit cards address) scary how it can tell me my address doesnt match the one on file with my bank.

  2. Yeah, I don't like having to put all that info everytime I buy something online. Wish every place had Paypal.


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