Friday, April 11, 2008

Noah's 1st Birthday Party~Engelsma version

April 11, 2008 was Noah's first birthday. We had a party with the Engelsma family on the 10th, and hope to have the VanDen Toorn version Sat evening (Aunt Marlene, you should come up!). I forgot to take a picture of the food, but we had a delicious assortment of viands, including cheesy crescent bites (from Grandma E), finger jello (from Aunt Cindy), cheese and crackers (from Aunt Aimee), artichoke dip, meatballs, veggie pizza, fruit, bean dip, and cupcakes (from Mommy). Noah didn't really care for the food, but I think everyone else enjoyed it.

Hmm...what could this be?

Caleb and big brother Andrew helping out. Mommy and Daddy gave Noah a bike helmet to wear in the bike trailer this summer.

Andrew was very interested in the proceedings. I don't know if he quite realized it was Noah's birthday, and not his.

Aunt Aimee and Uncle Eric gave Noah a soccer ball. Noah loves balls! Currently his pack and play contains a soccer ball, a basket ball, a small nerf ball, and a couple of balloons. He is happy as a clam (for a limited time!) playing in his own personal ball pit.

Of course, we had to let him eat a cupcake. Chris took a video of it with the candle in while we sang happy birthday. He narrowly missed burning his hand when he tried grab the flame. I will try upload the video, but Chris hasn't been able to get it to work yet. There is also a hilarious clip of Cady and Andrew fighting over a toy. Priceless. Definite wedding video material (in the very far future!).

Noah and Grandma. Noah wasn't interested in eating any cake, just smearing it all over the place.

Alana enjoying her cupcake.

Karsten. And yes, he always looks like he's up to something!

Adrienne post-cupcake.

Cadence Beth

Andrew. He had a leftover one for lunch today, which Chris smashed in his face. He thought it was great fun to lick the crumbs off the table.

Our precious baby boy. Hard to believe he is already one year old. We remember so clearly being in the hospital with him just one year ago. It is amazing to see how he has grown and changed in the last year.

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  1. I would love to come up for Noah's VDT party, but it is a bit far from Texas!! Hope to see you sometime soon though. ~Aunt Marlene


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