Friday, April 11, 2008

Noah and Andrew~recent pics

Chris had spring break this week so he has been spending some time with his boys. Not sure if any of them were really happy to have their picture taken...

We moved Andrew's bike outdoors finally. He is still getting the hang of it...ok, he really has no clue how to do it, but he sure loves his Thomas bike.

Here is Andrew, the patriot. Chris set up this photo op.

Since Noah started crawling, he has started getting into things. His favorite thing to do is get in the tupperware cupboard.

He had a little help with this one!

Another of Noah's favorite things to do is take a bath. He loves to splash and doesn't care if Andrew dumps water over his head. Here is a before picture...

...and here is an after picture! I couldn't resist. Too cute!

Here's Noah screaming for his food ( he likes to eat!)...

..and here he is after he has eaten!

All that activity wore him out.

And, finally a couple pictures of my boys together. It will be fun to see them when they are able to play together. They are very interested in each other. Andrew always asks for Noah when he gets up in the morning and Noah's face lights up when Andrew walks into the room.

They both like their pacifiers!

Best buds!

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