Friday, September 19, 2014

Last Trimester

You know you're in your last trimester when...

1.  Your almost 6 year old asks where we're going every time you get dressed.

2.  You're way to lazy to pick up anything off the floor.  That's what the 4 year old is for.

3.  Every time you attempt to pick up or restore some order to the home, your kids want to know who's coming over.

4.  You have approximately 2 outfits left in your closet that fit over your protruding belly.  And that's only if the baby is turned the right way.

5.  You catch your husband trying to measure the girth of your belly.  And not so subtly commenting on how large it is.

6.  All the well-intentioned older ladies at church think you're due any minute even though you have a good month to go.  And your grandma comments that this is the biggest you've ever been.  Thanks, Gram!  :-)

7.  You catch small children ducking as you swing by.

8.  You shoot daggers at the GVSU guys standing behind you in line watching you struggle to lift a case of water from the bottom of your cart.  Can't ya help a huge pregnant woman out??

But most of all:

9.  You are extremely thankful that you feel pretty good, that you can feel your baby moving every day, and that all this will be done in a month's time.  And a pretty spectacular gift awaits you at the end of the journey!

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