Thursday, September 26, 2013

Summer 2013

We had a visitor for a few days a couple of times this summer.  Kallie Jo came to liven up our house.

Joel and Noah took swimming lessons across the road.

Check this out!  We have 5 boys and our friends, the Haabs, have 5 girls!

3 cute boys!

Noah doing some school.  He's wearing his tie-dye shirt he made at science camp.  They dyed it with grape juice, coffee, and tumeric.

Happy, happy, happy!

The 3 oldest constantly have paper, crayons, and markers littering the counter and table.  

The boys and I spent the day at my parents' house back in July while Chris went to Detroit to help my brother move back home.  While we were there, Joel and Aaron got swarmed by a hive of bees while they were playing in the woods, so when Chris got back, he decided to vanquish the bees!

Aaron was extremely traumatized.  He was stung 20+ times, but there was no swelling or trouble breathing so at least we know he isn't allergic.  On occasion, we still hear him say, "Those nawty bees!"

Joel didn't get stung quite as many times as Aaron since he ran away while Aaron just stood still while the bees stung him, but he did get stung right by his eye so one eye was swollen for a few days.  

We visited the GR musem with Nate and Shell one summer day.  

Andrew really enjoys going to the museum.

The museum had oversize games set up for us to play.

Such a good boy!

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