Friday, August 16, 2013

Family Camp 2013

2013 marks the 6th annual FRC family camp.  We have been going to Camp Michewana every August since I was pregnant with Joel and we've had a great time with church friends every year.  This year's topic was "Heroes of the Faith," focusing on the heroes mentioned in Hebrews 11.  The weather was great and we hardly saw our oldest 2 the whole two days we were there.

Chris, gearing up for the tug of war.  This is right before Ron told him to put his hands on the rope!

Pulling hard or hardly pulling?  

Either way, Chris's side won the match.

Boys' turn!

Jonathan, Aaron, and Julia.

Time for s'mores!  Not quite sure how many Andrew had...

Lukey had fun at the fire too.

The boys have graduated to sitting with their friends at meals.  They have not, however, graduated to cleaning up after themselves!

Ruthanne and Tom Karel with Luke.

Some crazy form of dodgeball.  Andrew is riding his "horse" and filling a bucket with softballs while trying to avoid being hit.

Noah with his horse.  He loved it!

Aaron and his new girlfriend, Raelyn.

Noah's war paint.

One of our speakers injured himself playing soccer, or football for him since he's Scottish.  With the help of crutches and a stool, he was still able to give his speech.

Anxiously waiting for the hay ride.

Off they go!

Andrew, eating his treat and contemplating how he could make an icecream filled sprinkle cone.

The last event before everyone went home was family olympics.  We did admirably well considering our first event was drinking two pitchers of water, which only Chris and I drank (and almost made us sick), and we pushed a stroller all over the campground.  But the gold medal went to the Murray family with the youngest Murray collecting the medal.

Looking forward to 2014!

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