Monday, May 13, 2013

Baby stains

Babies are oh-so cute.  The messes they can make on their adorable clothing, not so much.

This stain remover doesn't touch the stains.  You know which ones I'm talking about.  The ones that come right after a squirm and a loud explosion.  This method works well if you take care of it immediately.  But since I'm not so good about taking care of the mess right away, I had a pile of clothes that I had tossed in water and let sit for a day a few days (Ok, maybe it was more like a week, but who's counting?).  Anyway, after using the method mentioned in the link above and washing them, I still had some stains in the clothing.  Feeling very frustrated, I used every stain treatment I had researched.  I had some Zout laying around so I sprayed that on the stains.  Later, I rubbed Dawn, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide into the remaining stain.  I left the clothes on my drying rack over the weekend and washed them this morning and the stains are totally gone.  Yay!

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