Tuesday, April 16, 2013

More from Morrie's


I haven't been to Morrie's since last summer.  It is kind of out of my way to go to, and ever since I got pregnant with Luke, I've been avoiding taking all of the boys grocery shopping with me.  But yesterday I saw on facebook that they had gotten a dairy load in and big bags of romaine lettuce for only 75 cents, and since it was a no nap day for the boys (including Aaron), I loaded them all into the van and gave them very explicit instructions on how they were to act in the store.  They did great!  Of course, a promised treat when we were done shopping didn't hurt either.

Anyway, here's what I got yesterday:
2 huge bags of romaine lettuce for 75 cents each.  In retrospect, 1 probably would have been plenty.
2 bags of frozen diced onions for 79 cents each
10 fruit n grain bars for $1
10 bags of apple slices for $1
Chobani greek yogurt for 50 cents each
Dole smoothie shakers for 89 cents each
Large jar of unsweetened applesauce for $1.99
Chip bags for 10 cents each
Animal cracker boxes 6/$1
Dove chocolate bar 50 cents
Salami slices 89 cents

I also saw ground beef for $1.99/ lb in a 20 lb tube.  Probably pretty fatty but would work well if you browned it and drained the fat.

I timed my trip and it took me about 1 hr so it may be worth my time to check it out every month or so.  Their inventory changes all the time, but if you keep an eye on their fb page, they sometimes post different things they have stocked.

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