Saturday, February 02, 2013

Around here

Yesterday we drove past Panera and Andrew commented that we hadn't been there in a long time.  He loves their cinnamon crunch bagels (Don't we all?).  I said, "Maybe we can go sometime next week and do our Bible story and reading there while we have bagels."  Andrew wasn't too sure about this.  He didn't think it was ok to talk about the Bible or to pray in public.  I assured him that it was right and good to talk about God and to pray in public, and he said, "But Mom, the Bible says we are supposed to go into our closet and pray in secret!"

He wanted to have his cousin, Adrienne, over on Saturday so he wrote her a note.  He even wrote some instructions for the mailman:


He also had a thank-you note from his birthday to give to her.  After she read it, she said, "You forgot a lot of punctuation!"


We've had a very large box that the boys have been playing with for the last few weeks.  Aaron asked me to help him climb in this morning.  I gave him some books and he was happy for quite a while.


Just up from his nap.

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