Friday, October 29, 2010

Great Reminder from Nancy Leigh DeMoss

A friend from church sent me this. I'm sure everyone needs to be reminded of this once in awhile.
The right side is cut off (I am not real computer savvy so not sure how to fix that!), but you get the gist.

October 28, 2010

Circumstances and Excuses

“I was never an impatient person—until I had these twins!”

Nancy Leigh DeMoss: We’re all tempted to think that we’re the way we are because of the situation we’re in. We feel that if our circumstances were different, we would be different: more patient, more loving, easier to live with.

If our circumstances make us what we are, then we’re all victims. We aren’t responsible. We can’t help the way we are.

But here’s the truth: Our circumstances don’t make us what we are. They justreveal what we are. The exasperated mother had always been an impatient person. She just didn’t realize it until God brought new circumstances into her life. He wanted to show her what she was really like so He could change her.

The circumstances of life can be really hard, but they’re no excuse for sin. Ask God to show you what you’re really like, so He can change you.

With Seeking Him, I’m Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

This transcript is taken from the nationally-syndicated
daily radio program
Seeking Him with Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

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