Monday, September 20, 2010

Respectable Sins: Chapter 9~Discontentment

-arises from longterm, on-going circumstances that we can do nothing about (ex. physical disability)
We have conditioned ourselves to respond to difficulties with anxiety, frustration, and discontentment and we feel these reactions are normal (they are-for sinful man!) So we need to consider these reactions as what they really are, sin, and that we are responding no differently than unbelievers when we react with anxiousness, frustration, or discontentment.
Piper's first plan of attack against sin is always to refer to applicable scripture. For example, for those with physical disability, remember Ps 139:13: "You formed my inward parts."
Piper also points out that only in acceptance do we find peace with our circumstances. This is different than resignation, which often leaves smoldering discontentment in its wake. Acceptance allows us to find ways to glorify God even through circumstances we find difficult because we realize that His plan is perfect.
Piper's theme in these last two chapters "is the importance of the firm belief in the sovereignty, wisdom, and goodness of God in all the circumstances of our lives." God has allowed these circumstances for His glory and our ultimate good.

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