Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Our New House

So we finally sold our old house!! Our new house is coming along very fast. We are scheduled to move in June 20. I picked out colors, flooring, and countertops last week, which was so much fun. Here are some pictures of our house as it was being built.

Here is the foundation being poured...

the walls going up...

the shingles on...

and the siding going on.

And a really cute picture of Andrew and Noah!


  1. Congratuations on the construction fo your new home. I want to respond to your question about CIMT math. I love the curriculum. It is designed to allow children to work independently. It offers review work for tough areas and end of lesson quizzes.Sheets can be printed or completed online.The only thing is in order to access the answer sheets you must e-mail the administrator for the password. Even that is a simple process.

  2. Yes I have the password. I printed out one of the sixth grade lessons, and it looks really great.

    I didn't see any quizzes tho. Where are those?

  3. Hey Heather,

    I have a rising 8th grader(13yo),2nd grader(7yo)and K-5 (5yo)and a pre-K(4yo).
    My 7 & 5 yo complete one sheet per day.I give my 13yo a lesson to work on independently for two weeks. We just divide the # of pages by 10 schooldays. This gives us the minimum # of pgs.that must be completed per day in order to finish in two school weeks. If she is having a hard time on a portion of a lesson I sit down with her and teach that particular portion.

    The quizzes that I mentioned begin at 7th grade and are labeled Diag. Test. I don't use the lesson plans only beacause my children wanted to work on their own.

    How long have u been HS'ing?
    What are the grades of your children?
    What do you do for Science?

    I hope that I answered all of your questions. Feel free to contact me anytime.

  4. Have you moved in yet? How exciting!!


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