Saturday, April 15, 2006

Bathroom Remodel

About three weeks ago I started remodeling our bathroom. First, I scraped up all the ugly tile on the floor. That job wasn't so bad. My dad helped me take out the vanity and mirror which cracked into a million pieces when we took it down. Behind the mirror was a huge hole for a built in medicine cabinet and behind the vanity were two holes by the plumbing. Chris' dad did the electrical and also patched some holes for us. But this as far as we are. Hopefully it will be finished up soon.

Here's a picture of the floor after I removed most of the tile. Those of you who have used our bathroom this winter will know why the space heater is next to the toilet!

This is where Chris's dad patched the whole behind the mirror and where we exposed the holes behind the vanity. Fortunately, we're putting up wainscoting so the lower holes don't matter as much.

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